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Influence of Roller Burnishing Process Parameters on the Surface Roughness of TC4 Titanium Alloy
YUAN Xi-lin, LUO Zhan, JIN Lei
2024, 37(2): 1-6. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.001
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Optimization of Rapid Investment Casting Process for Gas Turbine Blades
LIU Shu-wen, FU Jun, WEI Ling-yue, YANG Yan-ping, XU Guang-li, SUN Hang-bo
2024, 37(2): 7-9,17. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.002
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Research on a New Preparation Process of Copper Tiles for Mineral Furnace
YANG Peng-bo, BAO Xue-peng, TIAN Ke, LI Zhi-de, LI Zheng-suo, ZHANG Dong
2024, 37(2): 10-13,17. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.003
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Optimal Design of Two-Sage Cylindrical Gear Transmission based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
ZHU Shun-feng
2024, 37(2): 14-17. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.004
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Comparative Simulation of Milling Process Parameters of Titanium Alloy based on Advant Edge
YANG Jin-ning
2024, 37(2): 18-21,26. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.005
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Study on Electrochemical Machining Technology of Spindle Pattern
WEI Zhi-hong, GUO Hun, HE Ya-feng, WANG Si-peng
2024, 37(2): 22-26. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.006
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Hydrodynamic Performance Analysis of NACA0015 Flap Rudder at the Tail of Underwater Vehicle
WANG Guang-yue
2024, 37(2): 27-29. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.007
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Research on Failure Rate and Reliability Test of the Stirring Transmission System
LIU Qing, LIU Wen-bin, ZHANG Yu-fei
2024, 37(2): 30-32,37. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.008
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Optimization Design of the Truss Structure of the Cleaning Device for Intercooling Island based on Ansys Workbench
CHU Shuai, ZHANG Chun-guang, LI Shang-qing, AN Lei, YANG Yu-bing, LIU Jia-hui
2024, 37(2): 33-37. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.009
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Static and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis and Structural Optimization of the Machining Center Spindle Box
HE Quan-wen, LIU Gang, QIU Xiao-hua, ZHUANG Kai, HE Guang-chun
2024, 37(2): 38-41. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.010
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Study on the Influence of Gearbox Cavity Structure on Bearing Lubrication Performance
XU Sen, SHI Wen-jie, FAN You-hang, ZHOU Wei
2024, 37(2): 42-44,47. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.011
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Technological Optimization Simulation of Connecting Rod
PAN Mei-fang, XIA Huan-jin, SHU Seng, WANG Ning-gang, CHENG Gan-feng
2024, 37(2): 45-47. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.012
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Simulation Analysis on the Critical Component of Olive Harvester
FAN Kai-xin, LIU Ying, LIANG Ming-qing, WAN Fang-xin
2024, 37(2): 48-51. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.013
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Main Beam Optimization of Overhead Crane based on AL-Kriging Surrogate Model and PSO Algorithm
XIAO Hui, FAN Xiao-ning
2024, 37(2): 52-55. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.014
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Design and Finite Element Analysis of Needle Beam Trolley for Tunnel Construction
WEI Bo, PENG Xue-jun, CHEN Wu-lin, LIU Li, YAN Ying-ping
2024, 37(2): 56-58. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.015
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Transmission Ratio Distribution and Influence Analysis on Double Transmission Reducer
ZHANG Li-na, DING Jin-tao
2024, 37(2): 59-62,66. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.016
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Preparation of UO2 Pellets with Large Grain Containing Chromium
WANG Bo, LIU Cong, WU Gen-jiu, CHEN Yu
2024, 37(2): 63-66. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.017
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Design of Reflectance Spectra Measuring System under Detection Geometry
2024, 37(2): 67-70,74. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.018
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Design of Feed Production Line Control System based on PLC and Ethernet
YU Wen-long, LYU Feng-yu, SUN An, ZHU Di, WANG Pan-pan, YU Ya-guo, JIA Jin-de
2024, 37(2): 71-74. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.019
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Design of High Pressure Movable Elbow Removal Device
SONG Qi-yao, LUO Hong-fei, BI Shuai, MA Jia-jun, WANG Jun-cheng, HUANG Tian-cheng, HUA Jian
2024, 37(2): 75-77,81. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.020
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Design of Cantilever Beam Sliding Device for Jack up
LI Guang-mei, SHI Tao, ZHANG Xin
2024, 37(2): 78-81. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.021
Abstract PDF
Optimization Design of RV Reducer based on Particle Swarm Algorithm
HE Fei-na
2024, 37(2): 82-86. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.022
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Improvement Design and Application of Smoke Removal System for Storage Canister
2024, 37(2): 87-90,96. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.023
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Design of Centering and Clamping Structure for High Efficient Thread Pipe Lathe
QIU Yan, YU Wen-qiu
2024, 37(2): 91-93,96. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.024
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Design and Development of Air Intake System for a Heavy Duty Vehicle
SONG Sha-sha, SHEN Kun-peng, YAO Yuan-zheng, FANG Song-yuan, CUI Ming-hui
2024, 37(2): 94-96. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.025
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Design and Virtual Emulation of Optical Film Mechanism based on COSMOSMotion
ZHU Xue-wen, HUANG Yong-jun
2024, 37(2): 97-99,103. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.026
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Improving Design of the Control Mode for the Tipping Paper Sheets Collection Device of ZJ17D Cigarette Maker Group
GU Chun-liang, JIN Feng
2024, 37(2): 100-103. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.027
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Research on the Optimal Design Method for Transfer Window
CAO Li-feng
2024, 37(2): 104-106. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.028
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Control of Oil-Control-Ring on the Piston-Cylinder Liner Oil Flow and its Transportation in the Internal Combustion Engines
CHEN Jia-ming, JING Wen-qian, CHEN Zhi-xin, LIU Guang-sheng
2024, 37(2): 107-110,115. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.029
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Driving Stability Analysis of Wheel Loader under Multi-Road Conditions
2024, 37(2): 111-115. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.030
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Analysis on the Influence of In-Wheel Suspension Configuration of Hub Motor on Vehicle Ride Comfort
CHEN Li-xia
2024, 37(2): 116-120. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.031
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Research on Reliability Optimization of Anti-Crawling Buffer for Urban Rail Vehicles
SUN Yan-bin, TIAN Peng-yu
2024, 37(2): 121-124,128. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.032
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Research and Application of a Damping Device for Monorail Turnout
KANG Xiao-feng, YU Feng, HUO Yu-feng
2024, 37(2): 125-128. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.033
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Simulation Analysis and Lightweight Research on Dump Truck Cargo of a Heavy Truck
FANG Yu-jin
2024, 37(2): 129-134,139. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.034
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Support Leg Reaction and Stability Analysis of JP72 Lift Jet Fire Truck
HOU Xi-zhen, ZHANG Guo-an, LIU Zhi-qiang, GUO Tong, ZHAO Li-jun, LIU Yi-qun
2024, 37(2): 135-139. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.035
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Research on the Reliability of EPDM Sealing Gaskets for HVDC Converter Valves
YANG Yi-gong, GU Zhi-bin, YAO Ning, SUN Jian, WANG Kang
2024, 37(2): 140-142,151. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.036
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Fracture Failure Analysis of Iron Accessories of a 330kV Transmission Line Tower
SHI Hua-zhou, WU Xin, YAN De-cai
2024, 37(2): 143-146,151. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.037
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Research on Power Generation Mechanism of a Cantilevered Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
CHEN Jun-ji, ZHANG Zhen-jie
2024, 37(2): 147-151. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.038
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Design of an Early-Warning Device for Anti-Crane Damage to Transmission Lines
LI Yuan, ZHU Hai-chao, XIAO Fu-sheng, FENG Jing-ping, CHEN Guan-tong
2024, 37(2): 152-154. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.039
Abstract PDF
Design and Application of Intelligent Dynamic Deviation Correction System for Belt Conveyors
ZHAO Pu-hui
2024, 37(2): 155-157. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.040
Abstract PDF
Study on the Characteristics of Hydraulic Support Propulsion Control System in Coal Face
2024, 37(2): 158-160. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.041
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Design and Research on Tension Monitoring System of Coal Mine Scraper Conveyor
ZHAO Fu-qiang
2024, 37(2): 161-163. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.042
Abstract PDF
Study on Fatigue Behavior of Box Welded Structure of Hydraulic Support in Underground Coal Mine
2024, 37(2): 164-166. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.043
Abstract PDF
Research on Construction of an Automatic Milling Production Line for Structural Parts
QI Rui-zi
2024, 37(2): 167-169,177. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.044
Abstract PDF
Preparation Technology and Quality Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Parts for Simplified Overhead Contact System of High-Speed Railway
YU Zhao-guo
2024, 37(2): 170-172,177. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.045
Abstract PDF
Process Selection and Structural Design in New Product Development
WU Tong-chao
2024, 37(2): 173-177. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.046
Abstract PDF
Application and Research Progress of High Strength and High Conductivity Copper Alloys
BAO Xue-peng, XU Ping-dong, YANG Peng-bo, LI Zheng-Suo, ZHANG Dong, LI Qing-guo
2024, 37(2): 178-181. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.047
Abstract PDF
Research on the Development Trend of Agricultural Machinery under the Dual Carbon Target
JIA Cheng-mi, WANG Yi-cai, YANG Zheng
2024, 37(2): 182-186. DOI: 10.16576/j.ISSN.1007-4414.2024.02.048
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